Thursday, 27 April 2017

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy And Disclaimer give you information about Behavior of App. It also explains how we use information.
Kindly Remember that this Android App doesn't collect any information from user. It Will not ask for Any personal information at any time in App usage.
Our App Will not use or Ask You for any Information.
Our Telugu Apps Just provide you information available in it only.It will not collect any information from Any user And No Processing of Any user's information or data.
App will not require any user data.
No Additional Information or Data related to user is not required.
This App is suitable for All Types of Audience.

Our App only uses Internet Permission And Network Permission.
These permissions are required for App to Show you Ads in App.
Advertisements are not shown by us.So Kindly understand that we are not responsible for Any content,information or media that is in Advertisements Because it is delivered And Shown by Advertising Networks.

We can give you assurance as developer of App that We have not included or used Any vulgar Content,Inappropriate and intolerable content in App anywhere. All App contain just information that we use regularly and normally.
No Adult Content or Vulgarity is encouraged in App.
Please Make Note that Advertisements are not delivered and decided by Us (Developers of  This App) . We also take precautions for showing better and Healthy advertisements which are suitable for All Types of Audience. But Please make note that We ( Telugu Apps World ) are not responsible for Any Advertisements that cause inconvenience to You.If You have doubts or If you want to Know more About App Please
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